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 All the photograps on these
pages are taken by me during a period of more than twenty years. -AC.

Bruce Springsteen was once recognized as the future of rock and roll. At least he hasn't disappointed me ! I took this photograph in Drammen in 1980 or 81. Because of a minor case of amnesia I can't remember exactly when.
Ry Cooder is alongside Lowell George one of the worlds most famous slide guitarists. He made several significant blues rock albums during the late seventies. He also had a significant impact on the way several younger guitarists played. In a way he'll always be a musicians musician to me. Did you know that he was a member of Frank Zappas band back in the seventies ? Photo taken in Chateu Neuf in Oslo in 1980. (approx.)
Bob Dylan is one one the very few persons alive to be considered a legend. His contribution to the history of popular music is un-measureable.
Mark Knopfler is the person who revolutionized the way guitar playing was ment to be. He learned his technique through years of playing electric guitar without amplification. I took this photograph during the Dire Straits' World Tour some 17 years ago.
George Thorogood, - perhaps one of the worlds most energetic guitar players. I took this photograph in Chateu Neuf in Oslo.
Frank Zappa is proboably the most important musician and composer in the last part of the twentieth century. His skills as a guitar player is unparalelled this side of Jimi Hendrix. Also, he was one of the most freely spoken rock musicians ever.
Eric Clapton, achieved status as a rock legend in the early seventies. Remarkably he has been able to stay up front ever since. Do you know how many years there are between "Leyla" and "My Fathers Eyes" ?
Carlos Santana, since the release of classic melodies as "Black Magic Woman" and "Samba Pa Ti", he has had the status as a true cult guitarist and bandleader. He has for more than three decades been a constant inspiration to other guitarists. The consert in Norway, during which I took this photo, was a stunning performance.
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